Curriculum vitae

Ole Terney

Ole Terney Falkonergaardsvej 4, 1959 Frederiksberg C, Denmark
Tlf.: (+45) 3537 6408
Skype-name: "bionyt"

Dansk CV

M.A. in Biology, educated at the University of Copenhagen
Librarian, educated at the Royal School of Library and Information Science, Copenhagen

Work experiences:
Science journalist
Text editor, proofreader, writer of popular science articles
Secretary, typist
Organizer of meetings, seminars, conferences
Guide: Greenland, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, England
Translator (patent literature, science literature; English => Danish and Danish => English)
Marketing agent, sales agent, tele-marketing agent
Information broker (science, patents)
Teacher (science)

Free lance science journalist and part time editor
Membership of Danish Science Journalists Association
Secretary at Lehmann & Ree patent agency
Editor of the popular science magazine BioNyt - Videnskabens Verden (BioNews - the World of Science)
Science teacher at two schools in Leichester, England (14 months in England)
Organizer of exhibition of Greenland art,
Organizer of science seminars

· The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters in Copenhagen: Manuscript to book about gene technology, ordered by the Academy.
· The Danish Board of Technology : Report about cloning to be used at a meeting in the Danish Parlament (Folketinget), and afterwards a report of the meeting.
· Novo-Nordisk: Manuscript to a book about biotechnology regulations in different countries, draft manuscript to an environmental handbook for laboratory workers, draft manuscript to a book about biotechnology and safety.
· Association of Biotechnology Industries in Denmark: The book: "20 år med genteknologi" (20 years with gene technology).
· Copenhagen Capacity: A presentation of biotechnology companies in Copenhagen.
· Folk University of Copenhagen: Organizing a course of Arctic Ecology.
· University of Copenhagen: Presentation of the biotechnology research at the university.
· The Danish Research Councils: A book about the research under the public funded research programme on biotechnology.
· Danish Environmental Protection Agency and The Danish Board of Technology: Directory of biotechnology.
· Gyldendal (publ.): Editor, translator.
· Gad (publ.): Biology dictionary.
· Christian Ejlers publishing house: Environmental directory, directory of biotechnology.
· Lingtech A/S: Translation of patents.
· Chas Hude Patentkontor: Translation of patents.
· Larsen & Birkeholm A/S - Skandinavisk Patentbureau Translation of patents.
· Magnus Jensens Eftf..: Translation of patents.
· Awapatent: Translation of patents.
· Rudolf Nikolajsen Patentkontor Activinova: Translation of patents.
· Dako A/S: Database of patent literature.
· BioNyt - Videnskabens Verden: Founder and editor of BioNyt - Videnskabens Verden (BioNews - the World of Science).
· Zoological Museum, Copenhagen: Draft manuscript and lay out to the Danish application for being host land for the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).

· Producer of round table talk about the possibility of life on Mars (University Radio)
· Local radio programmes.
· Danish Broadcasting Corporation : Weekly programme "Videnskaben og vi" (Science and us).

· The Society of Danish Engineers: Organizer and chair man of conference about CFC-gasses.
· The Biological Forum and Greenland Tourism: Organizer and chair man of seminars about Greenland.
· Organizer of journeys to Sweden, Germany, and Estonia for The Danish Society for the Conservation of Nature, and to Greenland for The Biological Forum and Profil Travel.
· Guide on fungi excursions.
· Host of weekly workshops about herbs, spices, medicinal herbs.
· Lecturer.
· Member of the initiative and promoter groups to establish the environmental organizations NOAH, OOA and OVE.
· Member of the board of OVE og aktiv i disse miljøgruppers opstartfase.
· Medlemskab af Natur og Ungdoms
(Nature and Youth)
· Promoter of a Danish biosensor industry group.
· Organizer of exhibition of Greenland art
· Organizer of science seminars

· Biotechnology course for journalists.
· "Hands on" course for journalists at The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University of Copenhagen and Technical University of Denmark.
· Courses about the Internet
· Courses about patent databases
· Science journalist travels to Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, USSR, The Czech Republic, Ireland, and England.

Knowledge of foreign languages:
· Danish (mother tongue; journalism, biological and medical terms)
· English (read, write and speak fluently; translation to and from English, patent literature)
· Norwegian (read fluently, understand perfectly; Danish is understood by Norwegians)
· Swedish (read fluently, understand perfectly; Danish is understood by Swedes)
· German (read and understand - not fluently)
· French (read - not fluently)

Knowledge of IT:
· Word and Word Perfect
· Excel and Access
· Internet Explorer and Outlook
· QuarkXPress and InDesign
· Photoshop
· Homesite
· File Maker
· I have copyright to computer programmes designed by me and produced by edb programmers

Travel experiences:
Austria - Belgium - Czech Republic - Estonia - Denmark - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Ireland - Italy - Latvia - Lithuania - The Netherlands - Norway - Poland - Russia - Soviet Union (Former) - Slovakia - Spain - Sweden - United Kingdom - Yugoslavia (Former) - / - Armenia (Former) - Singapore - Hong Kong - / - Tunesia - Kenya - / - USA - Canada - / - Greenland - Iceland - Faroe Islands - / - Tahiti - Australia (and Tasmania) - New Zealand.

Well over 1000 articles of medicine and biology, such as:

Gardening, dog training, drawing, painting, fungi, bird watching, skiing.