Travel to Greenland 2003

July 16 - 28, 2003

East Greenland

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Price 2000 US $ + deposit 200 $.

Accomodation: several people in same rooms, own sleeping bag.
(We bring enought tents and outdoor cooking gear - just to be safe,
but not expected to be used on the trip)

Cooking: We all participate in buying food and in cooking.

Activities: Light walking tours. Also boat tours.

Route: Copenhagen => Reykiavik (Iceland) (2 days; round trip by bus)=> Kulusuk (air plane) => Ammassalik (helicopter) => boat tours to small settlement. Return.

Language: Danish and English.

Travel agency: Greenland Travel, Copenhagen.

Ole Terney, BioNyt (Nature)
Margrethe Tjalve (Culture)

Biologisk Forum, OLE TERNEY,, tel. 35376408.
Deposit 200 US $ paid to Jyske Bank account No. 5026-110443-9 (Biologisk Forum).

Pictures from the travel 2001 to Disco (West Greenland)

Pictures from the travel 1999 to Disco (West Greenland)


Map and information about Greenland
Map, Ammassalik district
House, Tiniteqilaaq
Old house, Tiniteqilaaq
House, Tiniteqilaaq
Shoes, Tiniteqilaaq
Health station, Tiniteqilaaq
The Ice
Kulusuk - unfinished houses
House near Tasiilaq
House in Isortoq
churchyard in Isortoq
Four wheels
Kulusuk, tourist station
The weather, Kulusuk
Robert Peroni's tourist information "TUNING".
The history
The climate
Ammassalik museum
Ammassalik community
Ammassalik school
Ammassalik school
The hall, Ammassalik school
Classes, in Ammassalik school
Air photo Ammassalik school
Air photo Ammassalik school
Air photo Ammassalik school
Air photo Ammassalik school
Air photo Ammassalik school in 1957
Community information (Danish)
Arctic Team Challenge.
East Greenland.
Hospital, Ammassalik